If you’re an owner or designer of a Webpage, then you probably have been contacted with offers that promise to increase the traffic of your website through search engine optimization. The dark side of not taking any help of a professional will take your website to garbage. But is it worth the money you spent on them and if you’re paying them, what should you be looking for? Let’s see

The article is all about you need to know before you take any help of a professional who promises to keep your website at the top of the search engine result. So, the next time any company offers you to customize your website, be sure to ask them which of these factors they will be addressing to optimize your website.


The most important factor that plays a vital role in ranking websites is Content. Delivering the best result to the searcher is all that the search engine does. If you have high-grade Content, it is most likely that the searcher will open your page. Quality content is the success towards a growing website


On-Site Optimization:

Most of the SEO based optimization company when refers they’ll provide optimization service; this is what they actually do. But these On Site Optimizations do not have awidereffect on the website. But these techniques are important for the long-term plan. And If your webpage was designed by any expert, then it is most probably its already in place.

Browsing Speed Of The Webpage:

How flawlessly your webpage opens is another point thatmay also affect the search engine optimization.  The design of your webpage should be balanced with the browsing speed of the searcher who is likely to open your website. A fast opening website not only draws more traffic but get higher ranking in the search result.

Onbound & Inbound Link:

This is one such factor which has the deadliest effect on the traffic of the website. It is how well your website is linked to another website. Not only that, you should be anticipating what kind of user will open that website and judge on the matter that how likely will those visitors open your website via Inbound Links.

Handset Support:

A person who walks down the road is less likely to carry a laptop and open the web. So there is lesser chance of your traffic. Applications come handy in this scenario. If your website has an application for all types of handsets, you are getting more visitor. Recent surveys provide data that shows 90% of the top websites have cross-platform apps.

All the points that are discussed in this article contribute to search engine ranking, but there are certain factors that the search engine uses that we are not even aware of. To truly improve your website ranking, keyword optimization and improving page code will notwork, you’ll need to have a long-term strategy. To read all the other factors you can visit Atomic Design SEO Rochester company & solve your all queries.