If you need the ideal water heater for Airport premises, then better to go tankless. Choose the top rated tankless water heater as it better than conventional tank heaters in many ways. Rinnai is probably the best company which manufactures top tankless water heaters. Rinnai RL75i-N tankless water heater is simply amazing. They are specially designed to combine high-efficiency hot water with a refreshingly quiet operation which allows it to be installed essentially in any room or closet.

It’s commercial grade heat exchanger that’s so reliable it comes with an amazing 12-year warranty. Rinnai is so confident in this water heater that all parts and labor are covered for the first five years. Any company that is willing to cover all expenses for five years has my vote for a high-quality product.

Another very cool feature of this RL75i-N is that it’s compact enough to fit in your existing water heaters closet. You simply mount it to the wall and vented up through the roof or out an outside wall. Visit http://www.stephenkale.com/best-rinnai-tankless-water-heater-reviews/ to know more about rinnai tankless water heater reviews.

An easy way to save hundreds of dollars is by purchasing your tankless water heater online than finding a qualified contractor / plumber second. At the bottom of the review, I explain how to hire a qualified installer.

The Rinnai RL75i-N Key Features

7.5 GPM (40° F rise) is great for 2 to 3 bathroom home; it can handle up to 3 showers at once

ENERGY STAR® Qualified

Min/Max Gas Rate = 9,900 to 180,000 (Input BTUs)

Thermal Efficiency = Natural Gas: 82%

Indoor Installations

Temperature Settings Residential: 98°F – 140°F

Pre-set at 120°F

Commercial-grade Heat Exchanger

Digital temperature control

Digital Controller has an Error Code Indicator

ENERGY STAR® Qualified

– Save money with clean and affordable Natural gas.

No storage tank to heat up in the middle of the night

Meets California and Texas NOx emissions standards

Electronic Ignition.

– No gas pilot light was running all day and night.

– The gas is ignited by electric starter than shuts off

Quiet Operation

Warranty (Residential)

– 12 years on the Heat Exchanger,

– 5 Years on all other parts

– 5 Years Labor

Like all tankless water heaters in takes a few seconds to heat the water and travel to you faucet.

Like all tankless water heaters, a minimum flow must be sustained to keep the water hot.

This tankless water heater is for:

A standard four person family with two bathrooms or at commercial buildings. Obviously, there you have to install more number of heaters. Here is an example of how to add up your GPM’s in sizing a tankless water heater.

Example for the RL75i-N if you have 55°F tap water:

Shower One = 2.0 GPM

Shower Two = 2.0 GPM

Sink                  = .5 GPM

Total              = 4.5 GPM

I found that the actual GPMs with 55°F tap water was around 4.6 GPMs.

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