Folding Electric Bike are two-wheel vehicles that are powered by electric motors. The source of power for the electric motor comes from batteries, and innovative developments in fuel cell technology have led to prototypes that get away from the problems created by large batteries.

One of the main advantages of electric motorbikes or scooters is that running costs are minimal compared to conventional bikes powered by petrol engines. There are no expensive service charges, and it costs pennies to recharge the batteries overnight.  There is practically no noise associated with these engines compared to the throbbing noises that most motorbikes give out. However, this lack of engine noise does make them difficult to get noticed by other vehicles or pedestrians and could become a safety hazard.

Although you may be able to buy electric motorbikes locally, if you look on-line you can find a great choice and usually great value for money.


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The larger models of electric motorbikes offer very good acceleration, and the complete absence of any exhaust gases makes them friendly to the environment. Some countries even exempt such vehicles from taxes because of this environmental friendliness. Charging of batteries can be done through any electrical outlet and does not require trips to the gas station. There is no need to warm up the engine or kick-start it. Most models do not even have gears, as transmission systems are dispensed with. Riding becomes that much more simpler.

Electric motorbikes will normally cost more than comparable petroleum driven motorbikes, and a substantial part of this cost is because of the batteries. However. the savings made through very reduced servicing, and the minimal cost of the overnight battery charge makes the initial outlay well worth it.

The range of electric motorbikes is limited to the size of the battery. The increasing use of electric motorbikes has led to entrepreneurs offering battery swapping services which take just a few minutes. It is necessary to arrange for charging outlets once one has purchased an electric motorbike or scooter. Charging time for electric motorbikes can be a standard four hours, though there are options for quick charging that can give a 90 percent charge within half that time. The distance that such bikes can travel on a full charge is a maximum of 100 km, though recharging is suggested when the distance traveled is about 70 km. Such motorbikes are thus not suitable where daily distances to be covered are large, unless recharging points and sufficient time is available at either ends of the travel.

An electric motorbike is a motorbike that has a battery to store energy instead of a conventional gas tank. Similar to the gas tank capacity, the amount of energy that the batteries hold (measured in watt-hours) determines how far an electric motorbike can travel before it has to be recharged.